MVR Homes make every effort to provide complete and correct information on this website.

All information about MVR Homes, its projects, applicable laws, plans and links are subject to change. Such changes may be updated periodically on this website however, mvrhomesgoa.com and MVR Homes do not guarantee or warranty that this site reflects the latest amendments / information at all times or at any time.

Information about MVR Homes projects is suggestive of the kind of development that is proposed. Artist's impressions are used to illustrate some products and features. Furniture, curtains, light fittings, furnishings, modular kitchen etc., if any, are shown for reference only and the finished price of the product does not include these items. MVR Homes reserves the right to alter and amend the layout, plans, specifications or features subject to the approval of the authorities, without prior notice or obligation.

We recommend that you independently confirm that the apartment you wish to purchase meets all your needs and expectations.

You should understand the purchase process and associated legalities. We recommend that you seek independent financial and legal advice prior to entering into a contract of sale.


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